Year: 1990

Stars: John O'Banion, Ramy Zada, and Richard Herd

Favourite Quote: "Every light needs a light switch and I will make you mine." - Jesse

Synopsis: The time for the first coming is now. Now is the late 1980s. God's son Jesse (John O'Banion) is in America, he's gathered his disciples, including a power hungry Jude (Ramy Zada), he's preaching and teaching God's lessons, and he's ready to sacrifice his life for the sins of mankind. A powerful church wants to use Jesse's healing powers, trustworthiness and likability to influence the masses, so when Jesse refuses to be a pawn in the church's game Arthur Cunnigham (Richard Hern) decides that Jesse either joins the church's side side or dies.

Review: This movie is not well done. I read the back and thought it would be bad, but also interesting to see someone put this story together. Unfortunately, the cryptic talk of the bible stays the same, and the story does not change much with the change in time of something around 2000 years. Jesse's murder just doesn't fit. Back in B.C. times it seems like killing people for believing the 'wrong thing' was commonplace. But if people progressed and refined their thinking before the first coming, it just doesn't fit for the leaders of a church to have hitmen go after someone and crucify them. I also didn't understand what this American church would be, and the writer didn't bother to give the church any name other than 'The Church.' I expected the story to change with the times a lot more. It's not clear how much power this church has either and, if it's anything like churches in North America today, there is no way Jude would have thought he could get anywhere power-wise by betraying Jesse. The movie was bad, and unfortunately not interesting enough to make up for the bad-ness.